Bay Ridge Third Avenue Steering Committee


Robert Howe



Sheila Brody


  Bay Ridge 3rd Avenue Steering Committee

Co-Chair Sheila Brody, Green Spa & Wellness Center

Co-Chair Robert Howe, Law Office of Robert Howe

Lolita Andrade, Hometown Properties

Brian Chin

Jeanine Condon, Charmed

Bobby Daquara, Greenhouse Cafe

Pat Gilbride, Edward Jones

Phil Guarnieri, Empire State Bank

Vincent Ianelli, 3rd Avenue Property Owner

Wade Jabour, Jabour Realty

Trey Jenkins, 3rd Avenue Resident

Jacqueline Juliano, Patsy’s Pizza

Alan Lynch, Kettle Black and Ho’brah

James McHugh

Ted Nugent, Cebu 

Joe Riley, Guild for Exceptional Children

Elias Saliba, 3rd Avenue Property Owner

Lynn Sheu, Hometown Properties

Daniel Texiera, Lincoln Brokerage

Shannon Wade, Guild for Exceptional Children


Plus representatives from NYC Councilmember Justin Brannan, NYS Assemblymember Mathilde Frontus, NYS Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis,  NYS Senator Andrew Gounardes, US Congressman Max Rose, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Brooklyn CB10, Bay Ridge 86th Street BID, Bay Ridge 5th Avenue BID

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Perch Advisors is a full service consulting firm focusing on the nexus of where communities meet – business, jobs, economic sustainability, open space, public land, and policy. When change is desired - or imminent - outside perspectives can provide the leverage organizations and businesses need to realize their goals. When innovative, socially-focused and driven people put ideas and resources together, great things happen. Perch Advisors provides the perspective, ideas and space to innovate, collaborate and create change.


Perch Advisors is honored to support the Bay Ridge Third Avenue Steering Committee through the initial phases of BID formation. Huge thank you to Councilmember Justin Brannan for making this possible!



Merchants of 3rd Avenue


A little bit about what the Third Avenue Merchants Association has done for the last 50 years and continues to do through our involvement with local businesses, fellow community organizations, civic, community and religious leaders all within our historic Bay Ridge Community:

  • 50 years of partnering with the annual Bay Ridge Ragamuffin Parade

  • 45 years of running a safe, festive and successful annual Third Avenue Festival

  • 40 years of lighting the entire avenue during each holiday season as part of the annual Holiday Lighting Program on Third

  • 25 years of honoring local merchants and community leaders for their achievements, service and spirit to the community at the annual Pioneer Reception

  • 5 years of safe and successful operation as the home of the annual Summer Stroll on Third and the annual Summer Lighting Program on Third

  • Annual Holiday Toy Drive for the needy families of our community

  • Keeping Third Avenue in the forefront of New York City commercial strips

  • Promoting our brand as Restaurant Row, Spa Row, Boutique Row and Retail Row

  • Networking and instructional events for our merchants to help grow and advance their businesses

  • City wide acclaim and recognition of our Association’s successes and initiatives

  • Partnering with local businesses, organizations and community leaders to serve the civic needs of our great community of Bay Ridge and beyond

The Third Avenue Merchants Association is more than just a merchant group, we are also a civic organization focused on stabilizing our community and donating to and supporting other local community groups. We proudly host parades such as the Norwegian Day Parade, the Bay Ridge St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the Memorial Day Parade, and the Bay Ridge Ragamuffin Parade. The Association is a proud partner of the annual Halloween Art Window Painting Contest, Embrace Winter, and the Senior Sidewalk Social. Many Merchants live, shop, educate their children, worship, volunteer and relax in Bay Ridge!

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This isn’t Sustainable -- we need a BID!

Bay Ridge Third Avenue is currently an active and vibrant part of the Bay Ridge community, hosting parades, strolls, receptions, networking opportunities and festivals. For the past 25 years, much of what happened on Third Avenue was the result of a handful of volunteers.  25 years later, some volunteers have dropped off and the remaining volunteers are 25 years older. No one is lining up to volunteer nights and weekends to produce the events we now have. Even if there were more volunteers, there is much more that can be done on the avenue such as marketing, streetscape improvements, additional events, government advocacy and facilitating a meaningful internet presence, so that Bay Ridge businesses can adapt to the digital era. All of this is not possible with just handful of volunteers.

The rapidly changing and improving landscape of NYC draws our residents to distant areas of the city to shop and dine. Additionally, as a result of the e-commerce trend, local brick and mortars are losing major profits to online retail.

So as we look forward, the property owners and business owners have a decision to make for the next 25 years. Do we do nothing and hope for the best? Do we become a homebound community defined by Amazon, Uber Eats and Netflix?  The members of the Bay Ridge Third Avenue BID Formation Steering Committee want to define the future of the avenue and not be defined by other forces. Property owners on Third Avenue must understand that they are in partnership with the commercial tenant and must invest in the avenue to maintain the avenue’s attractiveness and desirability.

A BID will provide a structure to grow for the future and still maintain the events that the Bay Ridge community currently enjoys. Third Avenue is doing fine in 2019 so we don’t need the word “Improvement” in the BID definition. Rather we insert the word “Investment” -- if we do not invest in our avenue, some not so good things could happen, and may be happening already.

We hope you all will support the effort to define, stabilize and strengthen the avenue for the next 25 years. Join us as we start to invest in our avenue.

Make A BID on Third

Support the formation of the Third Avenue Bay Ridge Business Improvement District (BID)


3rd Avenue Summer Stroll

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Third Avenue Festival