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NYC BID Trends Report 2018

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Positive BID Examples

Construction Mitigation Campaign on North Flatbush: When large construction projects threatened the visibility and viability of businesses in the district, the North Flatbush BID launched a creative marketing campaign to promote the idea that North Flatbush is Open for Business. Colorful A-frame signs, window hangings, banners, and imitation construction tape facilitated the unity of the district with messaging like “Stop By, Shop Buy,” and “Stick Your Nose in Our Business!” to draw attention to storefronts hidden by scaffolding and construction equipment.


Fostering Community Partnerships at the Jerome-Gun Hill BID: Jerome-Gun Hill has worked closely with Montefiore Medical Center in their district to promote healthy eating options in the neighborhood. The BID initiated a campaign that encouraged restaurants, delis and bodegas to add healthier lunch specials to their menus and locate fresh fruit baskets near the check-out line. In turn, Montefiore has helped market nearby food options to its many employees and clients.

Business Attraction at Pitkin Avenue: Pitkin Avenue organized a commercial vacancy showcase tour to highlight opportunities for businesses to locate in Brownsville. The BID coordinated with real estate brokers, who were onsite to answer questions of prospective tenants. Each tour featured 5-6 vacancies, and BID staff provided demographic and retail leakage information about the neighborhood.

The Pitkin Avenue BID also releases a quarterly real estate report to advertise the positive attributes of the commercial corridors in order to attract desirable businesses. More info HERE.

“Taste” Events at Park Slope 5th Avenue and Sunnyside Shines BIDs: Park Slope 5th Avenue’s Taste of Fifth celebrates 5th Avenue’s restaurant scene, while raising money for 15 different charities. Held annually at Brooklyn’s famous Grand Prospect Hall, the event showcases over 40 of the Park Slope 5th Avenue BID’s restaurants, plus live music from local bands and DJs. Read about Taste of Fifth in Bklyner:

The Sunnyside Shines BID’s Taste of Sunnyside showcases Sunnyside, Queens’ best culinary options, from local breweries to exotic cuisine. Read about Taste of Sunnyside 2018 HERE.

Guided Tours with the Village Alliance.png

Guided Tours with the Village Alliance: The Village Alliance celebrates Greenwich Village’s rich history with interest specific tours of the neighborhood. Learn about where your favorite TV shows take place, hot spots of political history, legendary music venues, and more! Click HERE for more info.

Pitkin Avenue BID Supports Storefront Improvements: The Renaissance Program provides matching grants to businesses on Pitkin Avenue between Howard Avenue and Mother Gaston Boulevard to help finance improvements to building facades, storefronts, commercial spaces and residential units. More info HERE.

photo: Pitkin Ave. BID

photo: Pitkin Ave. BID

Rat Reduction, Chinatown.png

Reducing Rats in Chinatown: As part of the Mayor’s neighborhood rat reduction plan, BIDs in three target areas partnered with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to strategically install new trash receptacles. Bed-Stuy Gateway, Chinatown Partnership and Fordham Road received additional solar trash compactors to replace wire waste baskets in order to restrict rodent access to trash.

Space Activation, Meatpacking.png

Arts and Technology Space Activation in the Meatpacking District: The Meatpacking District activated a vacant storefront with an interactive art and technology experience for school age children and their families. The BID partnered with the Children’s Museum of the Arts and the New York Hall of Science to produce ARTech. Programming included a ball pool, gif making station, indoor planetarium, interactive art installation and building blocks. The BID offered all activities for free.

Local Artist Banner Campaign, 82nd Street.png

Local Artist Banner Campaign on 82nd Street: Many BIDs install banners on light poles in their districts in order to brand the district and make visitors aware of the presence of a BID. Some BIDs also raise revenue through the sponsorship of these banners. When 82nd Street Partnership revamped their banners last year, they took the opportunity to feature original work from local artists which uniquely capture the history, diversity and culture of Jackson Heights and Elmhurst.

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The Grand Street BID Prepares for the L Train Shutdown: BIDs can serve as a collective voice for their districts’ stakeholders, especially when neighborhoods face upcoming challenges or changes. In preparation for the L train shutdown, Grand Street conducted a merchant and resident survey in the BID and advocated for its businesses to the City. Union Square Partnership has played a vital role in informing its members about the effects of the L train shutdown by creating digital resources to provide stakeholders with the latest information and aggregating community feedback for relevant government agencies.

Black Artstory Month on Myrtle Avenue: Every year the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership partners with local artists and arts organizations to present the month-long celebration of Myrtle Avenue’s rich African American cultural heritage, and activate the main street with public art & free cultural programming. More info HERE.

Myrtle Avenue Black History Month.png

Hate Has No Business Here Campaign all over the city!! More than 20 BIDs all over the city joined forces to share a campaign of unity and inclusivity with the Hate Has No Business Here campaign. Businesses across the city celebrated diversity by hanging posters in 10 different languages in storefront windows beginning on Independence Day, 2017. In the words of Amanda Neville, the Clinton Hill business owner who conceived the idea, "I thought it would be powerful to come together with one message, one visual to signal that we stand together, for each other."

Read the press release HERE.

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Live at the Archway .png

Weekly Outdoor Concerts at the DUMBO BID: Every Thursday night from May through September, DUMBO locals and visitors can enjoy a free after-work concert, courtesy of the DUMBO Business Improvement District. Over the years, the “Live at the Archway” series has showcased dance, music, theater, a pop-up art gallery, and more, and presented the likes of The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn, Shanghai Mermaid, White Wave Dance Company, Los Hacheros, and much more. Click HERE to learn more.

Flatfooting Down Flatbush Avenue!! Hosted by the North Flatbush Business Improvement District as part of Make Music New York’s Winter Solstice Celebration, Flatfoot Flatbush is Brooklyn’s first ever flatfooting parade. During Flatfoot Flatbush, dancers, fiddlers and pickers parade down Flatbush Avenue playing old-time tunes while flat footing, a form of percussive dancing from Appalachia. The parade traverses Flatbush Avenue, stopping along the way at local businesses to bring holiday cheer. The annual winter celebration aims to bring joy and warmth on the shortest day of the year, as well as promote local businesses up and down the Avenue.

Flatfoot Flatbush.jpg

Valentine’s Day in DUMBO! Wishes on Washington Street is created by Juniper Jones, a Dumbo-based creative agency, production studio, and technology lab, that specializes in visual storytelling and technology driven experiences, while shortening the distance between an idea and its execution.


1960s and 1970s: New York’s BID movement began in response to limited public resources and deteriorating commercial districts.

1976: The City offered to make capital improvements within certain commercial districts on the condition that the property owners benefiting would maintain them. Local property owners agreed to provide the needed maintenance, and state legislation was passed to form the first Special Assessment District (SAD). Fulton Mall in Brooklyn, the first SAD, was formed in 1976.

1981/82: Legislation permitting property owners to define and self-fund similar districts, called Business Improvement Districts, was passed in New York State and City.

1984: Con Edison and other property owners around Union Square Park decided to take advantage of the new State and City legislation and formed the first New York City BID in the 14th Street-Union Square area.

1984-2003: 45 districts have been established and provide services throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

2003-2019: There are now 76 BIDs throughout all five boroughs of New York City, more than in any other US city. Of the 23 BIDs formed during the Bloomberg administration, 20 are in the outer boroughs.

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